Measuring Blood Pressure With A Smartphone

Wednesday, June 12th 2013. | ELECTRONIC

Blood pressure is one thing that should be taken seriously for health and should not be considered as a matter of course, especially when someone has set the age of thirty and above. Someone who is thirty years old or older and have a haphazard diet and exercise will rarely be the target of the name of high blood pressure.
Hi.lo Wireless blood pressure system 0 300x220 Measuring Blood Pressure With A SmartphoneHigh blood pressure or hypertension is often called in the medical world, is one of the diseases that can lead to stroke and even death. Someone who often has hypertension, blood pressure control should be at least at least 3 times a week. But did not rule it should be done any time, if in a critical condition. To cope with these circumstances that the person should possess a blood pressure measuring device. In measuring blood pressure, sometimes one must use the services of health workers were either nurses or doctors. However, for it sometimes seemed a bit complicated for some people. Usually a person with hypertension for those who are able to use digital blood pressure measuring device, but for the accuracy of these tools are sometimes not good when the battery is weak.
Hi.lo Wireless blood pressure system 300x212 Measuring Blood Pressure With A Smartphone
Now present a new technology this year, a blood pressure measuring device designed by Diana Dumitrescu that resembles a bracelet named Hi.lo. On Basically system this tool resembles LifeBeam Helm and helmet which also can measure blood pressure a person’s. But for the size of the helmet it would have been very large in comparison with a bracelet. Hi.lo bracelet is used to pair the way to your wrist and then connected to your phone whichever comes first Hi.lo application is installed on your phone and be connected to the system using a wireless connection. After that run the application and you will get the results listed on your phone.

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